Most frequently asked questions

Membership is open to all persons. For membership requirements click here

Yes, you can, through the paybill number 944600, and use your ID number as the account number.

Share capital is the portion of equity that a member owns in the Sacco. The amount is not withdrawable, but transferrable to another member in the case of termination of membership.

Member deposits are the savings that are used as eligibility for a member to get a loan. They earn dividends and are refundable upon withdrawal from the Sacco.

Savings is the money that is deposited in our FOSA accounts, including but not limited to Fixed Deposit.

Dividends are the proceeds that a member earns from their shares and member deposits. Their rates vary depending on the Sacco’s performance. Dividends are usually declared at the Sacco’s AGM.

No, a member should pay their loan in full.

A nominee is a person/persons designated to receive the payment of a member in the case of the member’s demise. Each member should update their nominees at any of our offices.

A member should write a letter requesting termination of membership and submit it to the nearest Sacco office. The process takes a minimum of 60 working days, subject to the current policy on refunds.

A guarantor is eligible if they are actively contributing shares. 5 guarantors are required for one to get a loan.

Emergency loans and school fees loans and salary advances are processed within 24 hours. Other types of loans are processed within a month upon approval.

Kindly contact the nearest branch for verification of the same.

Yes, you can qualify for a loan after verification of your CRB status.

Yes, Dial *268# to access M-Banking service.